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We mainly provide services to the prototype industry.

Automating Data Entry and Document Creation

ProjectSynergy has saved thousands of hours for our customers by automating the most mundane and error-prone tasks, hence allowing our customers to focus on product improvements and customer satisfaction. Start right away by uploading prototype orders from OEMs such as Ford, GM, Chrysler, Nissan, and Jaguar into ProjectSynergy in seconds, eliminate hundreds of hours of manual data entry and errors. Click on a button to create all your shipment labels, ASNs and other documents and save hundreds of hours and eliminate shipment errors. Automated data entry also analyzes customer PO changes and notifies the involved parties. This eliminates very expensive scraps, incorrect builds and incorrect shipments. Automatically generated reports help your company to manage prototype build events, quality checks as well as order fulfillment progress. Rather than trying to get data and create reports, you can focus on quality, timing and customer satisfaction.


If uploading customer POs are not efficient enough for you, WebSync technology will take you a level. WebSync automates scanning your customers' supplier portal to check for new orders, updates and cancellations. You automate these scans and get order updates and react right away. Stop wasting valuable time constantly scanning customer portal for order updates. Schedule WebSync events to scan OEM customer portals. Receive and share customer upload summary activities. Minimize scraps do to late PO acknowledgment. Get notification for customer order changes and impact to your prototype build. Improve time to react to customer changes.

Internal/External Communication and collaboration

No Installation, no hassle! ProjectSynergy's activity based communication and collaboration tools is provided as a free service and ready to use. Task based activities keeps everyone in the loop and allows users to manage orders, assemblies, tasks, shipments and provides a convenient means to share information and feedback. Allows all impacted parties, internal and external, to collaborate with a simple Activity-Based interface. It helps minimize tracking all the order changes, customer and engineer requests through emails and phone conversation. It provides an excellent analysis tool for your prototype order progress, part changes, requests and issue resolutions.

Work Order Management

Managing prototype build events are very complex, difficult and time consuming. Quality of your prototype build processes are perhaps the single biggest impact to your product quality, cost and customer satisfaction. Yet, most companies try to manage prototype build processes by developing 'work-arounds' within their production system, creating ad-hoc methods with Excel or Words forms. They end up wasting more valuable time and resources. Furthermore, they end up manage prototype build events poorly. Automate syncing Engineering BOM and Prototype BOMs from your internal ERP and/or BOM Management System. Create kitting and assembly lists from Prototype BOM directly. Manage and track kitting and assembly progress. Track prototype BOM part levels and provide notifications with Engineering changes. Provide communication and collaboration tools cross department such as engineering, prototype shop, shipping and suppliers.

Supplier Communication

OEMs' supplier portals are creating lots of problems for you, right? You can bet that your supplier portal is creating lots of problems for your suppliers as well. ProjectSynergy can make your supply network as an extension of your company. Just check it out what we can do for you. ProjectSynergy provides a supplier portal for your prototype orders to your suppliers. You can either integrate with your supplier portal or use it as is. Help your suppliers be 100% compliant to your shipment requirements. External Communication and collaboration allows you to communicate and collaborate with your suppliers. Plan your prototype operations better by receiving shipment notifications (with EDI), late shipment notification and simply 'chatting' in real time. Analyze your relationships with your suppliers, track requests, changes and commitments.

Quality Management

Create quality verification check lists for any build events. Schedule quality sign off events, and notify engineers. Manage, track sign off events on line. Manage part verification and create customer quality documents on the fly.

Project Synergy Network

For the past 20 years Project Synergy has partnered with automotive suppliers and OEMs to develop a robust ecosystem that enables all stakeholders to manage all aspects of pre-production operations such as communication & collaboration, non-production parts & services procurement, prototype build events, quality, warehouse, as well as budget and timing. Contributed toward Ford’s achievement of the JD POWER Top Quality Rating through our Change Management and Vehicle/Product Attribute Management applications for 2006 – 2012 Model Year Fusion, Milan, Edge and MKZ Our prototype BOM management application (Synergy) was used to manage over 200 prototype build events at Ford Product Development Center

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